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Jayryde & LilSleepDaKing In High Definition

Jayryde and Lil Sleep Da King bring commercial and street music together in one to give you the best of both worlds. Jayryde is an up and coming rapper with the voice of the streets, while Lil Sleep Da King is the voice of the people. Together, they make the perfect combination that caters to all hip hop genres. Jayryde hails from the city streets of North Side, Saint Louis. With only a mother and three brothers half of his life, he was raised on hard times and struggles just to get by in everyday life. In St. Louis, when the streets call… it’s so hard not to answer, but rap became Jay-Ryde savior. Jayryde started his rapping career at the early age of 15; listening to the hottest rappers, while adapting and perfecting his style. As his rap game progressed and word got out in the streets, Jayryde got into battle rapping taking out everyone in his path; keeping it street in every verse, with hot lyrical content and the best punch lines coming with a style unheard of in St. Louis. As the founder of Street Team, sometimes he had to work the hardest to keep the group on point with a great sound. Now, he stays on the grind to get his music out and get his group's name out there so the rest of the world can get a feel for how St. Louis really is hood. As a kid who moved from Louisiana to St. Louis, Lil Sleep Da King aka Lil Sleep calls St. Louis his home. As far back as he could remember, he was always listening to some type of music. Whether it was gospel or rap music, he loved all forms of it. When Lil Sleep was in High School his first love was basketball. But, like many teenage boys he found himself in trouble which led to him giving up basketball. Ever since he gave up basketball he’s been rapping. It started off as simplistic rhymes and just making music… doing nothing with it. Then, it turned into a full around-the-clock grind. Lil Sleep Da King doesn’t just make music; he lives, breathes and sleeps music!  


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